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Posts made in June 2019

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Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Your Alternator

Alternators in Winter Garden, FL, are the unsung heroes of vehicle performance. They keep the batteries of cars, trucks, and SUVs charged and ensure motorists have the power for their electrical systems and gadgets. Like any piece of equipment, however, the alternator is prone to wear and tear. It has a lifespan, and many factors can shorten it. Here is what you need to know to protect the performance and longevity of your alternator–and your vehicle.

The alternator is part of your engine, and it converts mechanical energy from the engine to charge the battery. The average lifespan of an alternator is about 150,000 miles. Many factors can cause this part to fizzle out prematurely, such as:

  • The Quality of the Part
  • The Overall Condition of Your Vehicle and Its Parts
  • The Number of Electronics That Are in Use

The harder your alternator has to work, the shorter its performance life. If your vehicle frequently performs heavy-duty hauling, has to run for extended periods, or if you love turning up your headlights and sound systems to the max settings, you are putting a strain on your alternator. There are also factors that are beyond your control to consider, such as heat and the ambient temperature around your engine.

While wear and tear are unavoidable facets of vehicle ownership, you can take steps to protect your vehicle from an electrical systems failure. The first step is to establish a good maintenance routine and stick with it. Take your car in for periodic, professional maintenance. An experienced mechanic can help you stay on top of your vehicle’s condition. They can also tell you when you should replace your vehicle’s critical components.

Alternators are one of the essential parts of your car’s engine. Contact us in Winter Garden, FL, to learn how to protect your alternator.

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Easy Vehicle Battery Maintenance Tips

Many people think of their vehicles’ batteries as things that go on working until–well, until they do not. At that point, it is time to purchase a replacement, but have you ever wondered whether you could extend the life of a car battery?

One of the most common causes of battery problems is corrosion, which tends to happen around the cables that connect to the terminal. You can easily scrub away this corrosion with baking soda, a little water, and a wire brush– be sure to put on some gloves to protect your hands, first. Cleaning away that corrosion is a simple step most drivers can take on their own.

You can also perform a visual inspection of your battery to ensure there are no visible cracks, leaks, or other kinds of damage. Doing so regularly can help you stay on top of potential problems before they have the chance to worsen.

For anything more complex, it is best to consult someone who is well versed in maintaining auto parts in Apopka. Batteries can be dangerous to work with, and if you suspect it has a problem, it is best to leave the work to a mechanic or automotive specialist.

Find out how to maintain your car’s most basic auto parts in Apopka, FL. Batteries are somewhat more challenging to maintain without professional help, so call Millikan Battery & Electric for service today.