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The Importance of Choosing the Right Battery for Your Vehicle

Batteries in Winter Garden, FLThe battery is vital for any vehicle, whether it’s a family sedan or delivery truck. If you don’t have the right battery, expect issues with the electrical system on your vehicle, and problems starting it.

Before you set out to replace your battery, have a professional technician check it to make sure the problem isn’t elsewhere in your vehicle’s charging system. Once you are certain a new battery is what you need, it’s easy to find the right one if you follow these simple steps our staff members here at Millikan Battery and Electric have assembled for you. Our employees know all about batteries in Winter Garden, FL.

First, check your owner’s manual to find what type you need and then make sure you get the right one. Vehicles are usually designed with batteries of a certain output in mind and won’t work efficiently if you buy one that’s not strong enough.

Look at cranking amps and check your manual again to determine the minimum amount you need. Cold-cranking amps aren’t an issue in our climate, but you still want to assure you have a battery with enough juice to get your motor running.

Check for a battery with a relatively high reserve capacity. This lets you know how long the battery will deliver maximum amps before discharging. A high reserve capacity is handy for those times when the lights get left on accidentally.

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Learn More about Alternators in Winter Garden, FL

If you are like most drivers, the way you discover that some component of your vehicle is not working right is via your dashboard lights. When a battery-shaped warning comes on and stays on, it suggests that there is most likely a problem with the charging system. However, a failed charging system does not automatically mean that you have an alternator issue. From there, it is up to you to determine whether the problem lies with your alternator or battery.

Before beginning repairs on your alternator, it behooves you to determine whether the alternator is the problem and that it is not the battery at fault. By using a voltmeter, you can measure the voltage of electric power the alternator releases. A battery’s voltage should typically be above 12.65 volts, so if you get a lower reading, you will have a better idea if the alternator or battery is the problem component.

How to Address Alternator Issues

Common problems involving alternators include the wearing down of carbon brushes or contact rings that might need replacing. If you are uncertain of the exact cause of your failed alternator, it is in your best interest to take your vehicle to a skilled mechanic to handle the repair without potentially damaging the alternator. Millikan Battery and Electric Inc. is your locally preferred auto shop when you need help with alternators in Winter Garden, FL.

Find out more about common problems involving alternators in Winter Garden, FL. See why so many drivers visit our shop for targeted automotive services.