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Posts made in November 2021

Bringing Your Own Auto Parts to a Mechanic

The simple answer is “yes.” But the real question is whether you should bring your own auto parts to Apopka. It would be best if you considered all of the possible effects of bringing your own parts to your auto repair mechanic. Things to consider include:

Cost – If you think you are always going to save money when you bring your own parts to a mechanic, think again. Even with the ability to shop around, you will rarely find the same deals afforded to mechanics when they go to buy parts. It is also important to know that the cheap parts you find may not be compatible or of lesser quality. You might also lose out on any warranty the mechanic offers if the part breaks.

Vehicle – Parts change for different makes and models. They can also change through the years for the same makes and models. That means it is easy to end up purchasing the wrong part for your vehicle when you go looking for the best deal. It also drastically increases the chances of buying a lower-quality part that can end up doing more damage to your vehicle.

Mechanic – To be fair, most mechanics aren’t going to be thrilled about the idea of you bringing in your own parts. Installing an inferior component at the insistence of a customer could jeopardize their hard work. Mechanics have the experience and knowledge to find the best parts at competitive prices that can deliver performance and longevity. If a customer brings in a bad part and the mechanic installs it, they know it could lead to physical damage, personal injury, or a lawsuit—three things they don’t want to be associated with their business.

When you trust your auto mechanic enough to do the work on your car, you can trust them to select and use the best parts for the job.