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Vehicle Starter

8 Warning Signs That Your Vehicle Starter Is Failing

Cars and trucks rely on a complex series of systems and parts to operate—and even just the process of getting the engine going requires multiple components. Perhaps the most important component is the vehicle starter. In Apopka, FL, our mechanics diagnose and fix starters for a wide range of domestic and foreign cars and trucks. The most common warning signs we tell customers to watch for are:

1. Your vehicle struggles to crank slowly.
2. Your vehicle will not start intermittently.
3. The interior lights dim when you try starting the vehicle.
4. You hear grinding noise when starting or running the vehicle.
5. The engine whirs or whines but doesn’t crank.
6. The vehicle starter continues running after you start the engine.
7. You smell something burning or see smoke.
8. The starter system becomes covered in oil.

All of the above are indications of a possible problem with your vehicle starter, although there are other possibilities too. If a starter problem is allowed to persist untreated, your vehicle may suffer damage to the electrical system, transmission, or engine. Likewise, you run the risk of being stranded when the starter fails entirely. It is best to bring your vehicle to a qualified auto repair mechanic as soon as possible when you notice one of these signs to prevent future trouble.