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How to Avoid an Engine Oil Leak

Your car engine runs hot, and unless you have adequate oil lubricating the parts, you could end up with major issues. Learn what to look for and when you might need to speak to an expert in auto repair in Apopka, FL. Since oil is so critical to the function of a vehicle, it’s the concern car owners worry about the most.

Regular Oil Changes

It’s important to schedule your car for regular oil changes and maintenance checks. Dirty oil is very hard on engine parts, so staying on a schedule can help to ensure your oil never gets beyond its usefulness or causes damage.

High-Quality Oil

Using high-quality oil will also maintain the integrity of your engine. Choosing the correct viscosity is vital; too thin and the friction becomes high, too thick, and the engine must work too hard. Your automotive repair professional will know which oil is best for your vehicle.

Stay Ahead of Problems

An experienced mechanic will be able to spot problems before they start. Correct installation of parts like gaskets, components, seals, and flanges is vital to preventing issues for your engine. If you spot a leak from under your car, call us to get it checked out right away. The last thing you want is for your vehicle to run out of oil.