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How to Troubleshoot Strange Sounds Coming from Your Car

You know how your vehicle sounds when you start, park, and turn it off. It is probably just a matter of time before you notice something that sounds different. It could result from a temperature change or indicate the start of a serious problem. Instead of ignoring what you are hearing, be proactive and seek auto repair in Apopka, FL.

All Sounds Are Not the Same

A squealing sound when you turn off the engine sometimes indicates an issue with your belts. If they are loose, the belts may require adjusting, but if they are frayed or cracked, it may be time to replace them.

A low oil level or a defective valve may cause ticking that you hear while the engine idles. However, a loud knocking could indicate a serious engine problem, so automotive professionals recommend you pull over and turn off the car right away to prevent extensive damage.

Check your automobile’s suspension system or shock absorbers if you hear a clunk-type sound when you drive, particularly if you hit a bump. The team at Millikan Battery & Electric has the knowledge, skills, and experience to find the source of your car’s trouble and provide you with auto repair and maintenance that resolves the problem. Reach out to us with any of your questions.