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Learn About Your Car Radiator in Winter Garden, FL

The radiator is arguably one of the most misunderstood automotive components. Primarily, it cools down the engine. Though they need heat to operate at an optimal level, too much heat will destroy the engine’s inner mechanics. Should the cylinders and pistons begin to overheat, it is the indefinite end of the ride. The heart of the car’s cooling system, the radiator ensures that the motor stays at the right temperature, allowing it to perform at maximum potential.

How to Tell When Cooling Systems Go Bad

It suffices to say that your radiator plays a crucial role in removing heat from your engine, thereby allowing it to function correctly, without risking a sudden breakdown. However, several telltale signs suggest you may have an issue with your cooling system that you should be mindful of. These include:

  • When the Thermostat Becomes Clogged and Fails to Open
  • Experiencing a Leak in the Cooling System
  • Finding Pools of Fluid Under Your Parked Car

Dealing with any of the problems listed above can be severe, but recognizing them quickly can lead to a more straightforward solution. Millikan Battery and Electric Inc. is your source for comprehensive service when you need work on your car radiator in Winter Garden, FL.

Gain a better understanding of your car radiator in Winter Garden, FL. See why so many local drivers turn to our auto shop for comprehensive service.