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Starting A Car With A Bad Starter

One of the most common problems that we see at our shop regularly is a bad car starter. The thing about a car starter is that it stops working at the most inconvenient time, exactly when you need it most. There were warning signs that your starter was having issues, but they can be easy to overlook, or progress so quickly you don’t have the chance to have it looked at by a mechanic before it goes kaput.

So what should you do if your car starter stops working? How do you get it running so you can get it to the mechanic without having to call a tow truck? Try these tricks to get your vehicle running so you can make it to your local mechanic for the necessary auto parts in Apopka.

  1. Voltmeter – Before you do anything under the hood, use a voltmeter. This will measure how much voltage is in your battery.
  1. Check the Wires – If there is a loose connection between the starter and the battery, this will reduce the number of amps your starter is receiving, which will affect your starter’s performance.
  1. Clean the Corrosion – Cleaning out the corrosion should improve the energy transmission to your starter, allowing it to work.
  1. Use a Screwdriver – You can bypass the starter by placing a screwdriver that is big enough to touch both the positive and the solenoid terminal. This should send sufficient current to the starter’s solenoid, which in turn will start your car.
  1. Jump Start Your Car – The starter is your battery’s source of electric current. If it’s working, you can jump-start it by giving your battery current from another car.

These tricks are only temporary solutions to get your car to a mechanic for repair without having to pay for an expensive tow truck ride. If you’re lucky enough to get it running, drive it straight to your nearest auto repair shop.