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Top 3 Distracted Driving Behaviors You Must Stop Now

Driving while distracted is a very dangerous behavior. We know we shouldn’t text and drive – even talking on the phone while driving can be majorly distracting. There are lots of other dangerous behaviors that can compromise your safety behind the wheel, but today we’ll focus on three hazardous habits.

Using Touchscreen Systems
Touchscreens have become common in many new vehicles and are used for everything from navigation to entertainment systems and dashboard displays. While they are a convenient tool, they require more attention, thus distracting you while driving. Looking at the screen while driving means taking your eyes off of the road. Do your best to avoid unnecessary usage while driving or pull over if you must use them.

Who hasn’t been guilty of eating while driving? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that the likelihood of a crash increases by 80% as a result of eating and driving. Think of that the next time you need to open a packet of ketchup or unwrap a sandwich. Never take your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel. Instead, pull into a parking lot to eat your meal before hitting the road.

Red light beauty maintenance is a problem and needs to stop. Applying mascara, combing your hair, or flossing your teeth at a traffic stop diverts your attention from the traffic light and road in front of you. Don’t pack your brush or mascara for on-the-go grooming when you’re running late. Take the few extra minutes at home or wait until you’ve parked to finish your grooming needs.

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