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Troubleshooting Issues with Your Car’s Radiator

When it comes to your car radiator in Winter Garden, FL, our best advice is to keep it cool. This applies to your engine’s temperature and your state of mind. Find out what the problem is before you start stressing.

The Temperature Gauge

The first sign of trouble you may notice is a rise in the engine’s temperature gauge. This is not something you can ignore, for the radiator transfers heat from the engine to keep it from overheating. And overheating can damage your engine – which could result in expensive repairs.

Overheating could be the result of:

  • Low Coolant Levels
  • Broken Auxiliary Fans
  • Broken Hoses
  • Dirty or Damaged Radiator

If you’re not a crackerjack auto mechanic, your best bet is to call a garage for help.

Leaks on the Ground

Another consideration is a leaking car radiator in Winter Garden, FL. Age or damage could be the problem. It’s not enough to replace the fluid and keep an eye on it. You want to get it repaired to avoid problems with your engine and keep this hazardous fluid from seeping onto the ground.


Yes, rust eats at the metal that makes up your radiator, and that means it can’t do its job of keeping the engine cool. When this is the problem, you’ll notice the radiator fluid is brown rather than pink. Check with your mechanic to determine the cause and make the repairs that keep your radiator in good repair.