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Signs of a Failing Starter


When your starter starts to fail, there are a few warning signs for you to look for to help you avoid an instance of turning your key and finding nothing happens. By recognizing these signs, you are able to bring your car to a repair shop or purchase the auto parts in Apopka you need to avoid being stranded at the worst possible time.


Engine Turns Over Slowly – Most modern vehicles should be able to start very quickly once the ignition has been activated. If you notice that your starter is laboring to spin the motor, or it takes a while before everything fires up, then there might be a problem under your hood.


Lights Noticeably Dim – If your headlights or interior lights dim noticeably when the starter begins to spin, there is a good chance that there is a short in your starter. A failing starter will commonly pull more energy than required, which is what causes your electrical system to become overwhelmed.


The Sound of Spinning – If you can hear the starter spinning, but your engine doesn’t turn, then you are likely looking at a repair in your future. When your starter continuously spins without starting the engine that means it is no longer making contact with your motor.


Grinding Sounds On or After Starting – Mechanical grinding sounds typically mean gear problems inside of your starter. This usually means that the starter is either not engaging properly with the motor or it is continuing to receive electrical power even after it has been disconnected.