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Signs You Need a New Car Battery

car batteryImagine that you’re running late for an important appointment. You anxiously hop in the car, turn the key, and—nothing. A dead battery has a uniquely awful way of ruining your day. At Millikan Battery & Electric, our team completely understands this.

We’re in the business of car batteries in Winter Garden, FL. To keep your plans from coming to a dead halt, watch out for these signs that your battery is on the way out. If any of the below applies to you, we can help.

  1. Your Vehicle Struggles to Start – When it takes longer to crank your engine, the lights flicker as you start the car, or you hear an odd noise, there’s a good chance your battery is facing imminent failure.
  2. You Haven’t Driven Your Car for an Extended Period – Car batteries recharge as you drive; by letting your car sit idle for longer than usual, you are actually letting the battery lose its charge.
  3. Your Battery Struggles with Seasonal Changes – The weather can adversely affect car batteries. Summer heat causes evaporation that can contribute to battery corrosion, and the winter chill can slow down the battery’s chemical reaction and make it harder to start the car. If your battery is older and it struggles with the changing temperature, you probably need a new one.
  4. Your Car’s Battery Light Is On – Most of today’s cars won’t make you guess if there’s a battery or starting issue. When you see the battery light turn on, that’s a strong and obvious indicator that you should address your car’s battery ASAP.