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Does Your Car Need a New Starter Motor?

The starting system of a vehicle is very complicated. The starter is an electrically driven motor that creates the necessary compression to start your car. If the starter were to fail, you would not be able to get to your destination and your car will not start at all. If you are experiencing starting issues and are unsure of the cause, below are a few reasons that may point towards the starter motor.

Loud clicking: The first sign of starter trouble will be a loud click or series of clicks when the key is turned. These clicks are the sound of the starter actuating, but not spinning. There may be some loose connections within the motor.

Grinding noises: Any grinding that you hear while attempting to start your car could be related to the starter. The mounting bolts might have come loose, disrupting the alignment of various components, or one of those components may have lost a part.

Intermittent engine cranking: If the starter motor is on the way out, you may experience intermittent engine cranking. This means the car may crank and then stop, requiring you to turn the key repeatedly.

The best way to determine the issues with your car is to bring it in for a proper diagnosis. The experts at Millikan Battery & Electric are more than happy to inspect your vehicle and find the cause of any issue you are experiencing. Contact us today at (407) 886-8285 to schedule your appointment for auto repair in Apopka, FL.