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How to Find Reliable Auto Repair in Apopka, FL

It can be challenging to know who to turn to for auto repair in Apopka, FL. Typically, car owners want to know if the service offered by an auto repair shop is good quality at a fair price. Ultimately, you need to be sure you’re not overpaying and that your car is safe on the road. No one wants to worry that the oil pan will run dry.

Ask For Referrals

Friends, coworkers, and family are a great place to begin your search. If you’re not familiar with the area, they will have good suggestions of places to start looking.

Read Consumer Reviews

Unbiased reviews from previous customers can help finalize your decision. Many car repair businesses now have independent online reviews showing unfiltered opinions of their work.

Check For Certification

If the shop claims to have certifications, ask to see them. Most businesses are proud of their credentials and will often have them displayed somewhere in the waiting area.

Repairs Should be Backed by a Guarantee

If the auto repair shop doesn’t guarantee their workmanship or offer a parts warranty, you should keep looking.

A broken-down car can be stressful at the best of times. However, if you do your research and ask around, you can find an auto repair shop that delivers quality work for everything you need.

The Important Job of Your Car’s Radiator

Have you ever driven past a stranded motorist leaning over the hood of a car with steam pouring out of it? It was most likely the result of an overheated engine. Because the radiator is an important piece of the car’s coolant system and is central to keeping the car cool, when the radiator isn’t working as it should, the entire car won’t run properly.  A car engine functions through a series of moving parts, creating a great deal of friction. That friction means there is excess heat energy, not to mention the heat from fuel burned in the engine.

The radiator and cooling system are what keep your vehicle running at proper temperatures. The radiator coolant is cycled through the engine and back through the radiator. This process ensures that the engine isn’t running too hot. If your engine does overheat, it could be a fault within the radiator or another cooling system component.

The radiator is a crucial part of your vehicle, which means it requires regular preventative maintenance to ensure it’s running as designed. If damage occurs to your radiator, you’ll want to get it repaired as soon as possible. If not, it could lead to much more significant and costly engine problems. For auto repair in Apopka, FL, Millikan Battery and Electric, Inc., can handle all radiator and cooling system repairs and maintenance. We’ll keep your vehicle running smoothly with the engine at ideal temperatures.

Auto mechanic jumpstarting a car battery

How to Repair a Dead Car Battery Cell

When something goes wrong with your car, your first impulse is likely to figure out whether you can fix it yourself. In this day and age, it is a common sentiment. After all, if you can fix something yourself, why wouldn’t you? However, there are plenty of situations that call for the help of a shop specializing in auto repair in Apopka, FL, especially when it comes to complex internal components, such as battery cells.

Changing a battery is not at all the same as fixing a dead battery cell, though dead cells are generally the culprits behind dead batteries. Dead battery cells are located inside your vehicle’s battery, and getting at them requires tinkering with components that should never be touched by non-professionals. To do so would mean risking your safety, as battery acid is highly corrosive and could do severe damage to your skin.

If you genuinely suspect a cell inside your battery is dead, do not seek out DIY tutorials that ask you to wear goggles and gloves, or handle battery acid. It is not worth risking your safety over, and your local auto repair shop is likely more than capable of providing a safe and affordable solution.

When it comes to auto repair in Apopka, FL, some situations call for a professional mechanic. Our team at Millikan Battery & Electric can help, so contact us today at (407) 886-8285.

Tired man tries to repair a broken car

Four Common Signs of a Failing Alternator

Without your alternator, your car’s electrical system–including the power windows, lights, starter, and ignition–would not work. So when the alternator stops working or starts giving you trouble, it is time to make a beeline for our auto repair in Apopka, FL. Here are a few warning signs to keep an eye out for if you suspect your car’s alternator is about to call it quits:

  1. Warning lights. Most modern vehicles have sophisticated computers that let you know when something is about to (or already has) gone wrong internally. You might notice a warning on your dashboard, either a light or a symbol, which means your alternator needs attention.
  2. Dead battery. A dead battery is a common problem but easily mistaken for an issue with the alternator. To check whether your car’s issue lies with the battery or alternator, have the battery charged. If it still does not work, you are likely dealing with a problem on the alternator end of things.
  3. Weak lights. Because the alternator is responsible for powering your car’s electrical system, you will notice the electronic parts of your vehicle working less effectively, or not working at all. The headlights are usually the most noticeable parts affected.
  4. Weird sounds. Alternators are made up of moving parts that spin as they work. If one of those parts is not working correctly, there is a good chance you will hear it rattling or bumping around.

A faulty alternator can spell disaster when you least expect it, so schedule repair ASAP with Millikan Battery & Electric, Inc. today.

Car mechanic reviewing diagnosis with customer

Does Your Car Need a New Starter Motor?

The starting system of a vehicle is very complicated. The starter is an electrically driven motor that creates the necessary compression to start your car. If the starter were to fail, you would not be able to get to your destination and your car will not start at all. If you are experiencing starting issues and are unsure of the cause, below are a few reasons that may point towards the starter motor.

Loud clicking: The first sign of starter trouble will be a loud click or series of clicks when the key is turned. These clicks are the sound of the starter actuating, but not spinning. There may be some loose connections within the motor.

Grinding noises: Any grinding that you hear while attempting to start your car could be related to the starter. The mounting bolts might have come loose, disrupting the alignment of various components, or one of those components may have lost a part.

Intermittent engine cranking: If the starter motor is on the way out, you may experience intermittent engine cranking. This means the car may crank and then stop, requiring you to turn the key repeatedly.

The best way to determine the issues with your car is to bring it in for a proper diagnosis. The experts at Millikan Battery & Electric are more than happy to inspect your vehicle and find the cause of any issue you are experiencing. Contact us today at (407) 886-8285 to schedule your appointment for auto repair in Apopka, FL.